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     Jining CDH machinery co., LTD is located in the silver has a long history、Jining city in shandong province of the hometown of Confucius。The beijing-shanghai railway、New ridong expressway.its.location railway、Taiwan high speed、Nitto high speed、Xu high-speed、104、105Habitat and the highway,The geographical position is superior,Convenient transportation。
Jining city silver CDH machinery co., LTD. Collection of scientific research、The engineering design、Equipment design and manufacturing and engineering installation and debugging services for the integration of non-standard equipment design manufacturers and oil production、Refining、Biodiesel project、Environmental protection engineering contractor,Mechanical and electrical engineering installation contractor。The company has oil process、Biodiesel process、Mechanical design、Chemical containers and machinery manufacturing, etc. Various kinds of professional and technical personnel20More than,Strong technical force。To undertake all kinds of grain and oil machinery、Biodiesel machinery、Innocent treatment of livestock and poultry equipment、Mining machinery、Power machinery、The design of the chemical machinery and environmental protection equipment and other equipment、Manufacture and installation, etc。
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